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Οικονομική Εφημερίδα ΕΞΠΡΕΣ Υπεύθυνος: Γιώργος Τζινάκος
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Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy is absolutely important to us. Because of that, Gateway operates by these principles -- 

You are never required to provide any personal information in order to use our site for browsing purposes. When we ask for information that personally identifies you, it is used only in providing the information you have requested. For example, Gateway can deliver related news, and alerts on content updates directly to you via email, but to do that we have to ask for your email address. 

At no time does the Gateway share, give, or sell any personal information about you. If you decide to personalize your Gateway visits by setting user preferences, we store those preferences in a text file called a 'cookie' in the browser files of your computer. This cookie lets the Gateway remember your personalized settings between visits. This information is stored on your computer, not on the Gateway server. The DGMarket is currently using Omniture, a third party, to track and analyze non-personally identifiable usage and volume statistical information from our visitors and customers to administer our web site in order to constantly improve the web site quality. All data collected by Omniture on behalf of the DGMarket is owned and used by the DGMarket. The DGMarket reserves the right to publish non-personally identifiable, summary information regarding its web site visitors for promotional purposes and as a representative audience for advertisers. Please note that this is not personal information, only general summaries of the activities of our visitors and customers. Omniture uses cookies to help track visitor behavior and sets cookies in behalf of the DGMarket which will be listed under the domain For more information about Omniture's privacy policy go to 

If at any time you believe the Gateway has not adhered to these principles, please notify us by email to and we will use all reasonable efforts to determine and correct the problem. 

If you have questions about this policy, please e-mail us.